Tell Your Friends Where You've Been!
Tell Your Friends Where You've Been!

~~~~~~~~Welcome to Caronna's Super Market~~~~~~~

We are your neighborhood grocery store! At Caronna's Super Market you will always be greeted by a warm welcome and friendly smile! We take the time to get to know our customers and their favorite items to buy.


With excellent, high quality products at low prices - Caronna's Super Market is the best grocery store in the Enfield area. Take advantage of our low prices and a large selection of fresh, delicious meats and cold cuts. Come on down to the store, meet our friendly staff and see our fantastic selection for yourself.

Caronna's Super Market specializes in a full line of high quality affordable products that will help you enjoy a delicious, healthy and balanced diet. We provide you with the wide variety of a supermarket without the hassles of shopping at a mega-store.


Come on down and talk to Tony, Sam, or Fran

(860) 745 - 4284





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